Friday, April 15, 2016

A Tree, Cackling

Chris's Flowers
photo by Christine Lowther

Wild Woman is feeling Zen-like and 
this morning.

She asks the empty air :
have you ever heard
a tree

What is the sound
of one pencil,

What happens on the middle day
of poetry month
when all the poets
start looking wild-eyed
and defeated?

Wild Woman says, wisely :
If you keep tapping,
words will come.

Day 15: Wild Woman is getting a little antsy because it is the middle of the month and the muse hasn't kicked into gear. Yikes. Then I visited Magaly's blog, where her witchy words and beautiful art were like drinking a cool cup of refreshment. We continue on.


  1. A nice promise! Thanks Sherry....

  2. Well, Sherry, my muse is working overtime, here. Average 2 poems/day, so far, this April, which worries me, as one of my warning signs for depression crash, when the words disappear and leave me, barren.

  3. Nice - inspiration does wan at times. Thanks for this one!

  4. Yes, if you keep tapping words will come. I always find that if I sit down to write and WAIT words will come.

  5. I sure have heard a tree cackle, like a chicken, and a pen(cil) tapping, endlessly. Only the words have not come. Yet.
    This is a gorgeous poem, Sherry.

  6. Magaly does wonders with her words! But for one's own it just takes some moments of wonderment looking into the sky to make it work. Rightly so Sherry!


  7. I heard a Woodpecker tapping this morning and this poem takes me there~ Yes, breathe-

  8. 'If you keep tapping, words will come' I like that thought a lot :)

  9. 'If you keep tapping, words will come' I like that thought a lot :)


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