Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Horse in Her Back Yard

When my sister was little,
She loved horses.
For a time,
She wanted to
Be a horse.

I would look out the window
And see her cantering,
Hair streaming out behind her,
Around and around the field.

Then her dream
Was to have a horse
In her back yard.

Now she has three:
A retired dowager with Old Soul eyes,
A sweet little red filly,
And a  rowdy gelding.

It is always wonderful
When a lifelong dream
Comes true.

For Karin's prompt at   Real Toads: horses


  1. Some things are worth dreaming the dream, like your sister did, Sherry. Wish more people had such loving dreams, than the horrors that plague too many people.

  2. However big or small the fulfillment of a dream is always the ultimate. Great thoughts Sherry!


  3. The images of your sister as a child are so charming. Thank you, Sherry. I put your link in at Toads. k.

  4. I too would gallop around like a horse (and fly like a plane). I came to ride as a teen and loved it. A bad fall put an end to my equestrian days but I would love a horse in my back yard.

  5. I love how the dream progresses in stages. An inspirational poem.

  6. SO wonderful and I LOVE your descriptions of them...beautiful, Sherry!

  7. Your last stanza made me coo and smile. It is always wonderful, indeed.

    I also love that she wanted to be a horse... I wanted to be a frog (in order to go to the river whenever I wanted) lol!

  8. I simply adore this poem :D like Magaly your last stanza made me smile.. and how!

    Lots of love,

  9. A childhood dream made real. Wonderful story as well as being inspirational. For me, it wasn't a horse, but a big gentle loving shaggy dog. He stole my heart.


  10. Oh, so glad her dream came true

  11. That is wonderful! It made me think of how we all wanted horses when we were younger, and then my one friend actually got one. :)

  12. There's no expiration on dreams!! So glad she was able to cash in on one of them.

  13. I think we do manage to manifest what we decide on when very young. (Smile.) Lovely poem.

  14. I am so happy for your sister. I have always loved horses too.

  15. Sherry, this is sooo good. The transition to a retired life with horses a reality caught me by surprise.
    I'm guessing she was your younger sister, and that you the older picked up on this. Our granddaughter quite often pretends that she is a cat.

  16. Sometimes childhood dreams do come true. You tell your sister's story with love. I bet she still canters in her heart.

  17. Wow, there's something deeply sad hiding at the end. It makes me wonder about the dreams that haven't come true.

  18. I'm goofy, but I just imagine Monty Python and the Holy Grail when you mentioned watching your sister prance... ~

  19. i would like to live somewhere with horses running wild, wolves, eagles, streams melted from grand mountains, trees that grow tall enough to play in clouds and then kiss the sky.

    do you any place like that?

    wonderful imaginings and wishes coming true with your sister

    gracias mi amiga

  20. very charming, how your sister loved horses. dreams have a way of coming true. :)

  21. I am jealous of her. I lived that life for a few years in my early teens. I still miss it, with a lump (perhaps of sugar) in my throat.

  22. Ha, I always wanted a horse too. It seems many of our generation did, but few really got one. Lucky sister of yours, with THREE.


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