Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Rondelet

for Real Toads
A Rondelet, of sorts

They're asking me to rhyme.
I used to do it all the time,
but they're asking me to rhyme
now, when my faculties are taxed,
they're asking me to rhyme.

(Okay. I did it. Sigh.)


  1. And you rhymed. And your poem was humorous. I don't mind rhyme, but I can't write humor.

  2. Methinks you're a line short - but who's counting? LOL
    (Pperhaps a penultimate line could be added 'and making me feel vexed', which would complete your rondolet nicely?)

  3. Actually, two lines short, but who's counting? This is what I call a protest poem, and very enjoyable it is too!

  4. Viv, you can obviously count better than Cad! Its still a fun rhyme, whatever it gets called! LOL ! :0)

  5. This is why my writing doesn't follow any rules because to me, there are no rules to what we write, unless of course you wish to go by their constrictions. I like Haiku and Tanka, they're lovely but all this sestena and such, they can keep it. I like my words to flow and go like a river, free.
    So Sheryy, your little rhyme suits me, just fine, dammit, Somehow I managed to make that rhyme too...LOLOL

  6. This made me laugh, Sherry.. the ballad of the over-taxed poet lol

  7. Hee hee. I cant believe I didnt count the lines:) SO typical. Love the idea of the protest poem. And considering I was FEELING vexed, that would have been a perfect word to use had I thought of it. Perhaps I was just hexed:)

  8. Yes! You did it, Sherry. I admire your dedication to the process.

  9. I love how fun this is and how you added drama to the mix :D

  10. Good for you, Sherry! We all have to be able to laugh at ourselves sometime.

  11. Doggone, I wish that I had seen this before my own 3 hour struggle!


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