Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wild Woman Watches TV

[On Vancouver Island, the cable company gave yesterday as the deadline for upgrading to a digital box, if we wanted to continue getting our extra channels. We have been busy, and put it off.]

Wild Woman is on the couch,
flipping through the channels.

Sister comes in, moaning,
"My channels are gone!"

Wild Woman asks,
"How come I'm still getting channels?"

Sister tries to keep a straight face.
"You're getting a message that says
if you want this channel, you need a digital box."


Sister continues, "It's like getting cable,
but you might get a little bored."

More cackles.


  1. Isn't that so annyoing! And then you pay MORE.

    My TV was about 10 years old 27 inch screen, HUGE back to it and weighed a ton, picture was always good though. Then the channels went weird, picture dropped about 1inch from the top of the screen. I called them up to ask why etc, they sent out an engineer. Turns out they'd changed the signal to digital and my TV was classed as too outdated. I had to go buy a new TV and a new TV unit to stnad it on because the other one was so shaky with the wight of the old TV.
    Happy surfing.. you know you're going to. *winks.

  2. Technology can sometimes be so daunting! At least you can cackle. LOL.

  3. Too funny, Sherry! I can definitely hear the two of you with your matching cackles...LOL!

  4. LOL ... Oh that's so funny, I love it! :o)

  5. creeping not always a blessing

  6. You reflect a light mood! Much to enjoy!

  7. This is one way that our Congressional persons become wealthy and the only reason that they serve ... they mandate the manner in which television is served up (for those who sell it) and receive a steady cash flow or a onetime outlay from the provider and then make these sorts of arrangements with every business ... and gee, why is everyone living at subsistence level?

    How I loathe our sleazy politicians. I have an antennae ... doesn't work half the time. Some guy from our cable company ... wishing to sell me cable offered "you will get FOX free." I told him that we would pay him to keep FOX out of our home.

    Oh Dear, Liz this is a poem, not a place for a diatribe. Hi Sherry, this did make me chuckle for Wild Woman!

  8. Hey! thought the terrorizing of the set top box is a third world phenomenon! :)


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