Monday, August 22, 2011

When a Warrior Falls

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Jack Layton, NDP leader, who joyously led the NDP party to Opposition status in the recent election, while fresh from hip surgery and following treatment for prostate cancer, died early this morning, after a sudden reoccurence of cancer less than a month ago. Jack was 61. His open, smiling face and concern for the interests of the Canadian people never faltered. On his last night, he was still talking about the party's direction for autumn. He was a politician people could relate to, with his focus on  the needs of working people,  middle and low income Canadians. I was shocked at the suddenness of his death, as he has always appeared so energized, a happy, positive warrior for the working man.

In the current political climate, his passing is a great loss. Too soon gone, Jack.

When a warrior falls
one remembers
his indomitable spirit
in battle,
(both public and private),
his open face
and outstretched hand,
ignoring the cane in his other hand
as he hopped on and off trains
all along
the campaign trail.
He led his party
to the doors of the legislature
to sit in the House
in opposition,
a great victory,
coming from low-party status.

The flag is flying
at half-mast today,
as we salute
one more warrior,
fallen in the heat of battle.

He fought for the Canadian people
with grace and humor.
He left us
at the top of his game.


  1. Awwww When he stepped down as leader I thought then he looks really very sick. His face had that gaunt, hollows cheek look about it that I had a feeling wasn't going to be good news. I've been so taken up with the Middle East News on CNN I hadn't even heard that he'd died. Yes, he was a good man and, he was a man for the people too. His loss a sad day for everyone apart from his family. What a sad day.
    Your prose as tribute is lovely.

  2. This is a beautiful tribute to someone you admire Sherry....spoken from a lovely heart indeed!

  3. I agree ... this is a lovely tribute, capturing his essence ... I am sorry that he is gone.

  4. I don't know the subject of your post, but whoever, your tribute does him proud.

  5. I am sad for your loss, and perhaps for the loss of all people. It is getting to be, that a political who actually cares for the people is rare.

  6. So sad to have a good leader age 61. Way too young!

  7. A lovely tribute, Sherry, to one of the few politicians I admired. Jack was a good man and we lost him far too soon. Your poem speaks for many of us here who dearly feel his loss...


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