Friday, August 26, 2011

Traveler Takes Another Journey

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Traveler is readying herself
to make another journey.
Her kit bag of memories
is stuffed beyond reason.
It nourishes her well,
but weighs more heavily
on her shoulders
with every passing season.

Her feet are moving forward
but her head keeps looking back.
There is knowledge from those times
that she still lacks.

She wants to find the spot
where the trail ahead
grew so much shorter
than the long way she had come.
The time when hopes and dreams,
songs left unsung,
stopped circling 'round,
slid into the past,
and Presence
became her only
standing ground.

The closer she gets
to taking leave of this world,
the more beautifully it shines.
How will she ever
close her eyes on it
one last time?

And those perfect
puffy clouds
against blue sky?
How they draw
her wondering 
bemused eye,
like a child's painting
of perfection,
each one
more lovely
than the last,
as the seasons
turn and change,
and far too quickly
hasten past.

The trouble with
this journey?
It has
an ultimate  destination,
she an unwilling passenger
who wants to keep on riding
beyond the final station.


  1. Ahhh yes, but we don't know the final destination because in this life although our body reaches it, our spirit/soul moves into another phase.
    I read a book recently that stated they had a dying man (a scientist) who chose as an experiment to be placed into a sealed box, no air could get in or out, and the box was on a touch sensitive scale, his exact weight was being read ona digital monitoring scale and a mili-second after his passing his body weight altered by a miniscule amount, as if, upon dying his soul/spirit left the body.
    Amazing and fascinating to think that, eh!
    Lovely write from you Sherry!
    I hope if this is you, that you are not contemplating leaving us in the near future. ;)

  2. This is one of those poems that just make time and space stand still while you read it. I don't know if that sounds silly, but it is how I felt. Complete silence and then, suddenly at the end so many doors opened at once, so many various ideas and inspirations started clamouring for attention. I truly enjoyed it. Life and the path it takes (or we take with it) is always wonderful to read about.

  3. You truly moved me. Your words generally do. But this is different. The rhythm here is perfect. It gently guides your reader into your own feelings, your sense of loss and your sense of wonder. Loved "Daydreamtoo's story, also ccchampagne's take.

  4. Somehow I don't think you are quite ready to take this 'other journey.' You have 'miles to go before you sleep' (quoting Robert Frost). And....You will continue beyond the last station. I know that with certainty. This world is not all there is!

  5. The journey I am readying for is another Soul Card journey l;ike the one Elizabeth Crawford and I took in April. Planning one for September and hoping it will be as interesting as the spring trip was. I know my end of the trail is still hopefully some years off. But any time a journey is mentioned, one cant help but think how much shorter is the road ahead these days. And I do know the soul travels on. Hoping for great scenery on that trip as well:)

  6. Hello Sherry,
    A nice blend of words to connect the path already walked and the path ahead.....
    I am on hoilday in the French Alps and feel like I have reached heaven, with the mountains, rivers and pathways. A wonderful location for writing.
    Sending my best wishes to you,
    Eileen :)

  7. Thank you Sherry for visiting my blog again! I like this journey poem of yours. The rhythm just flows without impediment and I think that is hard to do. You really stay in the mood here.
    And I do hope all your scenery is wonderful!

  8. Yes, I am with Mary on this, 'Miles to go before you sleep' *winks

  9. Mysteriously moving. I really like the second to last stanza.

    ~laurie kolp

  10. Life's journey keeps moving on at the normal pace. To each his own to stop when ordered to do so. Beautiful poetry

  11. The path deeply continues and we will continue. I love this piece!


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