Thursday, September 1, 2011


posted for Poets United's Thursday Think Tank : sunflowers

Her round baby face
was my sunshine
when she was two.
She shone golden
as the sun
as up she grew.

But then came
years of tears
and betrayed heart
and betrayed trust,
as she sought love
the way true seekers
always must.

We both love sunflowers
for their brightness
and their shine,
and how they dare
to dream the heavens
as they climb.

There is no happy ending,
just our lives,
flowing through
the ups and downs
that oh so slowly
make us wise.

But her voice has
laughter in it,
these days,
when I call,
for she found
the  love
she had been
to trust it,
after all,
opening her heart
the way
a sunflower
gently lets
golden petal


  1. I loved this and I love her photo; cute, so adorable!~ Yes, life is quite a climb. I loved your words and the images that arrived! Beautiful~

  2. It sounds like this is written with someone very dear in mind. loved the read

  3. my boys were just fighting, but they remain mighty sunflowers in my eyes

  4. This is so beautiful, so touching, Sherry. You are truly blessed, Sherry.

  5. I didn't do the prompt. But, when I saw it, knew I would have to write about one certain person. You did that for both of us, Sherry. Thank you,


  6. Aww... watching children grow from sweet to sour back to sweet can be difficult. I'm reaching that stage soon and don't know how I'll survive. Thanks for reminding me it's just a phase.

  7. She is so cute...sunflowers reminded me of my daughter too~

    Thanks for sharing your journey...

  8. Utterly beautiful. Sherry. She is precious, as you are.

  9. The sunflowers is so much like the sun it makes you wonder if the Prime Creator loved it so much he wanted it to be closer so her made the sunflower. But your prose about your precious child is beautiful. Yes, we weather all the storms of upsets and betrayals and hopefull at the end of it all we have raised a wonderful being. It sounds as if you succeeded Sherry. Lovely.

  10. A lovely story, perhaps no happy ending, and they all lived happily every after, but a beautiful story all the same!

  11. Well interwoven to reveal the beauty and hard-earned lessons in life. She must be happy.

  12. My friend, what I love most about this poem is the complete lack of judgement and the open, unselfish and passionate love you have for your daughter. Lovely!

  13. The sunflower simile is wonderful, especially: "a sunflower gently lets each golden petal fall."

    As in:
    Discarding the baggage we no longer need
    to carry, face turned toward the sun.

  14. Beautiful writing Sherry...this is a new favorite of yours for what you captured with this prompt....and your daughter was a adorable little girl...a beautiful sunflower indeed! :-)

  15. like the song, you are my sunshine, my only sunshine...


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