Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wild Woman Tries to Multi-task

[Tower of Babel from google images - fundelivered.com.au]

Wild Woman
is a
living in a
multi-tasking world.

When she tries to
step up the pace,
her own brain becomes
a Tower of Babel,
circling around
and around
on itself,
till it spits her out
the other end,

Thank God
for a brand new day
every single morning.

Wild Woman
begins again,
one thing at a time.


  1. Interesting that you are a one thing at a time person. I have done many things at a time for a long time, but I do know many 'one thing at a time' people as well!

  2. Mary, it's only wsince I got chronic fatigue that my brain couldnt focus on multi tasking any more. Before that I was Classic Type A, multitasked till I made all my co-workers exhausted, was always at warp speed. No wonder I got CFS. Since then, I need to keep it simple, as much as possible.

  3. Aptly put, Sherry! I persist in multi-tasking as I have so much in mind I want to do, but if pushed, must admit that not everything is being done as well as I might like it to be. This Mildly Wild Woman has at least learned to shrug off perfection and embrace darned good enough...LOL!


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