Monday, August 1, 2011

Wild Woman on Love

[image from google]

Wild Woman
in love.
She encourages
her single friends:
"Love will find you,
it will.

if it doesn't,
don't worry.
By the time
 you're my age,
you'll be
too tired
to be lonely
any more.

"In other words:
don't look
to MY life
for inspiration -
just EXPiration!"


  1. Never too late, Sherry. Never too late.

  2. Inspiration or expiration.. choices, choices.
    Love comes in many guises Sherry.
    I just did this and it vanished on me!

  3. Love can find you anywhere but yes, sometimes the older one gets...well, if it does that is wonderful!

  4. Truly again as mary said "never too late."

  5. Yes, I think we can be in love, even without an object of affection. And it is when we should practice being in love with oneself. I do think love will find you, but you can't just stay home. I met my partner working in a little shop, you never know who will come through that door. But you have to be available to be found.

  6. Hee hee, my sister says lying on the couch with a magazine over my face isnt sending out the proper signals! She may be right.


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