Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Small Voyagers

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Little voyagers on the stormy sea,
the tide brought you in
to spend some time with me,
and so we tarried for a joyous while,
my pleasure to find ways
to make you smile.

The tide swooped in and carried you away.
I had to hide my tears and wave goodbye.
Your journey yours to make, your hopes held high,
I didn't want for you to see me cry.

But yesterday I saw you once again -
those radiant smiles, those happy little-boy grins,
and Baby Girl, a vision all in pink:
my own heart filled with your happiness
to the brink.

The tide, the tide, we journey on the tide,
and sometimes it can be such a bumpy ride.
But radiant days are scattered, too, all through,
and one was yesterday, once more seeing


  1. When things happen that make your heart smile, what else is there better than that...nothing~!
    Lovely read, Sherry.

  2. i LOVE this, sherry! love it. nursery rhymes and children's books (and my kids of course!) have inspired quite a few of my poems. LOVE.

  3. Beautiful sentiments expressed here. Nostalgia. I can definitely empathize. Wonderful and heart-felt words.

  4. My sister took me to a park along the river yesterday. Amazingly enough, its called Voyaguers Park. Love that synchronicity.


  5. Well, Sherry, aren't you just a natural born children's writer? Not sure if this was a prompt, but I'd love to see a little more of this from time to time, because it's a side of your writing I've not yet experienced. Whimsical and so sweet. But I know: Wild Woman calls... Amy

  6. Well, my friend I know what prompted this lovely poem ... filled with the lushness of your expression. This is too wonderful!


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