Monday, August 8, 2011

Weary Wild Woman

Hi kids. This weekend I had a two year old visitor sharing my tiny space for three days, so his foster mom could have a break.

It amazes me, caring for these kids, how resilient children are, and how ready to laugh and be happy are their little spirits. This little lad has already been taken from his family, and bounced a bit in the system. He lucked out by being placed in one of the best homes in Port Alberni, with my friends, and after a few months is starting to feel more settled.

He really took to me, the two times I saw him before he came to stay, and he did really well staying in yet another new place for the weekend. With my hair, all I had to do was say "Boo!" to him and he collapsed in fits of giggles. His face, when he laughs, expresses pure joy and happiness, and it was fun to find ways to make him crack up.

He reminds me very much of one of the little ones I looked after for years, who was adopted last summer and moved away. Bittersweet to see those same round cheeks, and feel that trusting little hand take mine as he strutted importantly around with his Spiderman backback!!!!

We went to Walmart to buy him some Spiderman stuff and found the coolest Star Wars light saver that lit up red, and delighted us both every single time. And, by chance, we found Star Wars on tv later that day as we were clicking the channels. I told him, "Look! Thery have light savers like you!" and immediately this little creature leaped in front of the screen, making all the moves the figures on the screen were making. It was just too cute.

There was a moment when he was reflecting. He doesnt have very many words that are identifiable. But out of the blue he looked at me and said "wolf" with a tone of total awe. Maybe Pup was near.

Jasmine is WONDERFUL with little kids. In such a small space, with her the size of your average walrus, she had to find corners to try to keep out of the way. She is very still and careful around little ones. She  got a nice treat after he went home for being so accommodating.

Wild Woman is very tired today. My house is tidy and quiet again and I will be traveling around online to see all I missed through my busy weekend.

I am hoping a poem will find its way through my exhausted neurons, but it isn't feeling likely at the moment :) Bear with me, please. I know another poem is in there somewhere!


  1. Time out for your soul will help recharge your battery. I enjoyed the magic of this little one and flashes of memories of my own came to mind. I really enjoyed your words. Children have such a sweet open way and pure joy just shines out! I have no doubt about "wolf". Children can see things we can't. And of all the words for him to same... There is your sign! Your big heart open to this new developing soul; your Pup was pleased~ xXx

  2. They are the little professors, only they don't know all our ways yet. Sherry you are so special. What a treat for him!

  3. Both of my dogs have always been so good with little ones, as I have had a lot of them around me thru the years, little wayfarers in need of the safety and comfort they find with me. I remember when my great grandson was newborn, so so tiny, and came for a visit. He was asleep on the futon in the back room and when I passed down the hall, there was Pup, sitting up on the futon looking down at him, his head cocked, trying to figure him out. He had never seen a human that small. It was precious. But I made him come out anyway as my brain reminded me he WAS a wolf!!!!! Yikes!

  4. Sherry...
    Your life emanates loving kindness. I'm such an admirer.

  5. Aww He sounds like charming company.
    Give yourself a reast now, it sounds as if you earned it :)

  6. I love the little ones too, but oh am so tired when they leave. Sounds like you enjoyed your time with him as much as he did you. Rest my friend, the poem will come when its ready,



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