Saturday, August 13, 2011


[AP photos by Farah Abdi Warsemeh]

Wild Woman weeps
for the
hungry and the
who walk long hot miles
in search
of sheer survival,
while most of the world
politely averts its eyes,
trying to ignore
the stab of conscience
deep within
at the suffering of our kin.

Wild Woman applauds
the efforts of the ngo's,
trying to stem a tide so huge,
one body at a time,
that it must feel like
trying to feed
a ravenous dinosaur
with a tiny teaspoon.
More help
can't come
too soon.


  1. I avert my eyes from the starving children - nothing can induce me to view such suffering. This is a poem that had to be written. Thank you, Sherry.

  2. Sherry, THANK YOU for addressing this disaster.

  3. Somalia is such a tragedy. Thankfully people such as Bono (of U2) are taking note and raising money. It won't come soon enough for many.

  4. Let us hope that one day Somalia will, if not retain its former glory, have a semblance of it. Somalia is a difficult plot of a story that shocks our conscience.


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