Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pondering the Mystery

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Standing on her kitchen deck
in the dark,
Wild Woman looks up
at the night sky,
following a comet's arc.
There is a big old
harvest moon
hanging up high,
and she is looking
for meteor showers,
but la luna is too resplendent
to see what else
there might be passing by.

Across the planet,
as she is readying for bed,
a young student is waking,
rising to the day ahead,
focussed on escaping
the poverty that binds him.
He can hear his neighbor
whistling as he cooks, 
and this reminds him
of the struggle and the wonder
with which all life abounds,
struggle and wonder,
striving and marvels,
all around.

All around him, all around her,
disconnected lives are following
their singular trajectories
united with every breath:
the arc from waking to sleeping,
the span from birth to death,
from  unconsciousness  to consciousness,
each heart hearing only
its solitary beating,
any two sometimes - randomly?
fortuitously?- meeting.

Around the planet
the heavenly bodies orbit
celestial skies.
The planet turns and turns,
our days as well,
each of us having our moments
of pondering the how's and why's.

The tiniest molecule lives out
its own peculiar story,
as we do, too,
more thankful
than we're


  1. Beautiful write. I love the ending.

  2. Your ponderings are wonderful Sherry. Thank goodness you write them all down for us to read and share.
    This is a lovely write and read.
    Thank you for your 'about' comment yesterday, yes, it's been quite a long and often very painful road but, there's been much spiritual growth from it all. A long story.

  3. Lovely thoughts of the universe and our part in it.

  4. I loved reading this. It was so inclusive of our mysterious universe - yin/yang. Reading it I felt soothed somehow, like the author is truly wise...and she is.

    (Daily Spirit)

  5. I just love your insights Sherry. Someone mentioned Wise Woman, well I have to agree. Thank you for always commenting on my poems. Some happy, some sad, like you once told me, it's the journey that counts.

  6. Wonderful write Sherry, from the miniscule to the magnificent and back again, always to that one beating heart,


  7. Sherry, this is a wonderful meditation on life. First, the two folks, separated by half a globe - then the night sky, and the molecular level that binds us all to a simple truth: Life exists, no matter what we do to enhance it or mess it up.

    Lovely. Peace, Amy

  8. Truly beautiful ponderings. I love the ending..

    "eventually more thankful than we're sorry" --- yes!

  9. Wow! This got me by a surprise. Ha ha. Interesting how our cosmos fits, everything falls into place. You bring this out so well, Koko.

  10. very interesting and a fabulous ending ... you are too good as always ...


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