Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Peace Is Possible

[flowers in the gun barrels - image from Google]

How do we get a more
peaceful world?
By being
more peaceful.

How do we make life
more positive?
By Projecting Positive.

How do we effect
more Change?
By changing.

We are trying
to shift a
Very Obstinate
and entrenched
global consciousness.

But I have
to believe
it is Possible
to make
that shift.

When, individually,
we all
so long
for peace,
how is it that,
we have so much

I believe
the Impossible
Possible -
it just may
a little

After decades of doing Outreach to the Perennially Pissed Off, I still Believe.
That's gotta tell you something! Dementia? Or simply indefatigable Optimism!

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  1. Beautiful and powerful words, Sherry. But you are an optimist than I am!


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