Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Last Tree Standing

[image from Google]

When the
last tree
is left
in the
final forest,
and the
last whale
its final
will we put
a fence
around them
and charge
and ask
"why didn't
we save them?
tell me,


  1. questions to contemplate for sure, Sherry.

  2. I think I had a similar thought just the other day. And probably the answer is yes. Americans will find a way to make money out of everything.

  3. You know, I often think, what will our children's children and their children be left asking about 'us' their ancestors. I wonder if any of the worlds that we leave them will just be on film, discs orl memory cards to show them, this was how it used to be before money became what everyone wanted and worshiped beyond all else.
    Our generations for the past 200 years have donw more to destroy this planet than the millennias of natural destructions that it took to bring it all about. Man is this earths worst parasite.
    My soul weeps for all the creatures in the waters that are so polluted by us they are all dying from out toxic waste and oil spills.
    Man needs to hang their heads in shame. But, as long as we worship money, this is how it is.
    Powerful point you've made Sherry.

  4. So true, we destroy and destroy and destroy some more, then we act like it was all a surprise.


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