Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Word from the Grand-dogs

It's nice to sleep in on the weekend........

but Mom says I have to get up.....
we're fixing up our fabulous deck today!

Here it is, and it sure makes Mama happy!

That's Butchart Gardens behind the fence! Our view rocks!
Lots of interesting places for Morning Duties, also!

Mom started growing things when there was still snow!

Gardening is very tiring.

Here are all three of us,
Sanchez, Chloe and Chase,
tuckered after a day of deck-refurbishing.

Ya gotta love weekends!

These are Steph and Gord's "kids" - Chloe, the little pug, has grown so fast.  Steph was all excited this weekend, setting up the deck, planting things.........they will live on this deck all summer. They are in a lovely rural spot, not very far from work in Victoria, but far enough that you'd never know you were in or near a city. They can walk right down to the water in minutes.


  1. The 'kids' look so very happy! I love that little pug. Mention of Butchart Gardens brings back memories. So beautiful.

  2. I think I have a grand-pug, too. She lives with my grand-niece Mya and her parents.
    Nifty photos of family things, Sherry. What a place to have a nice new deck, near the ocean and near Butchart Gardens. Wow.
    Dick just got back to the condo where we're staying in San Diego. He went to Balboa Park to take photos of flowers and plants, and lucked into a pet parade, so he got photos of several Goldens. We only left home yesterday and we're already missing Lindy.


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