Friday, March 23, 2012


Mary's Mixed Bag over at Real Toads, is to write about the ordinary. 
Only one topic on my mind this morning, after which I will pen a poem.

It was an ordinary day until the notice from Google turned up in my junk file saying I am not in compliance with their Name policy-huh?- because I am using Sherry Blue Sky. I am not a felon, I am a senior doing good things online. They are perhaps just a tad over-zealous, methinks?  
They say I have two days before my blog is affected.

Visions of two years worth of writing vanishing into the ether freaked me out!!!!!!

I spent all of last night and all of this morning clicking around the Very Unhelpful Help pages,
where there is no human being to respond and, in between times, deleting the millions 
of Google emails that have been  barraging me from their Forum site  and which I cant make stop - which means  I have been once again clicking around  the Help Forum for THAT problem.

Trust me, you do not want Google to notice you. I am living in Google Hell right now.
I think maybe I have fixed the name issue. But there is no one to tell me so.
I just want life to go back to Ordinary! But here is what I would have written before this nightmare began (why do tech problems dog me, when that is my idea of utter torture?) Forgive the digression, I just had to rant.

My life contains much more 
of the Ordinary
than the Extraordinary:
no shortage of chores
and bills,
a familiar and 
comfortable routine.......

but, given the state 
of millions 
on this earth,
even turning on a tap,
eating a meal,
walking down a street
safe from danger,
can feel
pretty darn
most days.

God bless
our peaceful,
ordinary days.
May we be 


  1. aaaaccckkkk sherry! that is a nightmare! i've had my own issues and scares with google, which really owns me now, horrifyingly enough, but not THAT particular problem. please keep us posted! and you are backing up your blog, right? if you don't know how, i can tell you!
    p.s. oops maybe i should actually read your poem. the rant got me all shrieky!

  2. It is indeed best to keep beneath the google radar. I do not use google+, or sign in to google chrome, I do not want to create a circle of friends etc... Hopefully, I will be left in peace to use the blogsite, otherwise wordpress here we come.

  3. I understand being grateful for ordinary days, Sherry. Quite frightening about Google. I hope you have solved the problem, that you don't lose all of your words. That would truly be devastating.

  4. What a horrifying problem! Back up, back up, backup! This reminds me that I haven't done so in quite a while.

    You are so right in what you say about being grateful for the ordinary. We take so much for granted that others would love to have.

  5. I wonder why it showed up in your spam box?

    Nothing like something horrific like this to help us appreciate the ordinary, huh?

  6. All so true, Sherry, especially the second stanza.

  7. Bless the ordinary! I loved your view, so true~ The charm of our every day and how fortunate we truly are~ Well Said!

    Sorry, to hear this...I hope matters are better! My husband was playing with this gizmo he bought. He has internet service and I don't...grrrr
    He fixed it, but he and my son are geeking the heck out of me!

  8. Wow, it really shouldn't be like that, that sounds just crazy. So sorry.

    Your poem on the other hand is such an eye opener, very prayerful good to meditate on. Thank you Sherry. :)

  9. What in the world is it about your blog name that's not in "compliance"? What did you have to do to fix it?

    Ordinary is good. And so is your poem.

  10. I hope you solve your problems Sherry. It's pretty scary to think of all that work and words being deleted.

    I like your thoughts..being grateful for ordinary things. I think we both shared the same idea ~

  11. Ah to have an ordinary not so complicated life..
    Here is wishing you have/will solve all your out of ordinary problems :))
    May you be guided always!

  12. Goodness what a google nightmare..hope all is settled. yes we should always be gratful for our ordinary days.

  13. Yeah, it's really a pain, when something that gave us a certain license (and freedom) to speak (in an anonymous or fictional identity) would later come back to haunt us in something so cold as a changed privacy policy. Facebook too I hear is after those fictitious names, not, because of what we've done but because of what others are too tempted to assault from behind too-anonymous walls ... All that aside, yes, the ordinary is a violence against our fragile sanctum, and yes, what most of us contend with in the ordinary is nothing compared to the brutal realities many, many more global citizens daily face. A good consideration of the theme. - Brendan

  14. When life is put in the perspective of what others don't have, will never have, when safely walking down one's neighborhood street is not possible... well, yes, my "ordinary" life seems pretty remarkable.

    I'd love to hear the "rest of the story" as far as your name issue. Is it because someone else owns the rights to it? How did you "fix" it?

  15. your poem was the perfect antidote to your story of google invading your life. nothing as valuable as peace. this is the prize. it's no small trick. grateful indeed for a drip of peace.

  16. Oh...Sherry what you would have felt...
    Yes there are times when we really go crazy...
    Anyway the poem is perfect..just perfect...


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