Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Purple Flame

Purple Flame by

May the healing power
of the Purple Flame
of Saint Germaine
protect you.

May it transform 
all negative energies
to positive,
and may its symbol of
light, hope and purity
be as balm
in your heart.

Never say
"I don't have."
Say "I have,
and I am grateful
for it all."

May the flame's violet embers
kindle and glow
in a corner
of your heart.
May its purple hue
surround and protect you
as you walk along
the pathways
of this world.

Yesterday Faiza told me about the Purple Flame, La Flamme Violette, symbol of the holy power of ascended master  Saint Germaine, which we call upon to deflect negative energies coming towards us, to protect us and transform the negative to positive. I figured we can all use all the help we can get, so I post it here, in hopes its lavender light will gently illuminate your day.


  1. What a beautiful post, Sherry. Thank you.

  2. thank you, sherry. i needed that :)

  3. That's beautiful, Sherry. And I needed that too!

  4. Lovely, Sherry. Please thank Faiza for me.

  5. What a wonderful gift Faiza has given you, and us. From reading your blog, I have the feeling she is a very strong woman.

  6. What a kind and generous heart you have Sherry.

  7. Nice post, Sherry dear, but I am sticking with Saint Creola!

  8. This is beautiful ... purple is one of my favorite colors. This was a grand piece.

  9. Yes, tell Faiza how much we enjoyed learning about the Purple Flame. It's magic help inspire this beautiful poem! I love all the hope in your words~ WONDERFUL!

  10. Wonderful - we need these rituals and healing emotions.


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