Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snow Dogs

Here is Jas today, shorn of her curls and a 
number of pounds 
since this morning's photo,
which was taken a year ago.

It has been snowing on and off today,
and the dogs are enjoying it.

This is Jas's brother, Lukey, surveying the landscape.

Bad little Blakey, who keeps Pup's memory alive
with his obstreperous behavior.
I love him so much!
Nice to have one little black dog around
to carry on the tradition.

This morning the tree looked so pretty.

Then more snow came,

and more,

not enough to stick around,
just enough to look beautiful falling,
then tactfully withdraw
so the roads could clear.

I declared it a Snow Day, and stayed home
with my cute little fireplace going,
and a good movie
(In My Country, with Juliette Binoche,
about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
that dealt with atrocities 
committed during apartheid
 in South Africa.)

A peaceful day.


  1. sounds like a wonderful day. i envy your time with the dogs. a fireplace, good movie and snow ain't so bad at all:)

  2. A snow day is a great day!
    We have about 5 cms on it's way tomorrow and another 10 through the day on Thursday. Maybe Chloe will have another no school snow day (she hopes) LOL

  3. I love Blakey! I can sense his energy. He's a trip!

  4. Blakey does look like fun, but of course Lindy's mom has to love Jasmine and Luke. They both look so much like Lindy. LOL
    Luv, K

  5. What a storm! We, on the other hand, are experiencing spring-like weather, and the temps will reach mid 60's today. Beautiful dogs!


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