Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wild Woman Wakes Up

Wild Woman wakes up.
It isn't pretty,
what with The Hair standing straight up
like gray spun sugar,
and those eyes
that would rather be
Still Asleep.

Head perches
on an aching neck.
It will be a balancing act
for the next hour.

The computer clicks on.
Sadly, her Muse does not.
Muse is tired from dog-paddling
through sludge and muck
for what-feels-like Ever.

Wild Woman presses
a spot on her neck
and sends up a probe.
Somewhere in the Blogosphere
there must be an Idea.

Nope. Nuthin'.

But now Muse
is dragging herself
up out of the sludge
and is perching,
on a lilypad,
scraping off the slime.

Something is Moving
in the Pond
like a crippled gnat,
a speck,
a microbe..........

Stay tuned.


  1. no pouting. you and your muse are both simply perfect.

    i love "grey spun sugar." the other day when i woke up my hair was so insanely out of control that i looked just like that crazy Harry Potter character, Bellatrix LeStrange. hah!

  2. I recommend taking a stack of poetry books you have at your house, reading a few poems of various poets, and inspiration will come. That's a technique I use oftentimes.

  3. What a word-picture you paint! Why do I see myself in there?


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