Friday, March 16, 2012


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At Real Toads, today, Laurie's challenge  is Perspective. Cool one!

There is a time,
early in life,
when one feels 
she has been born
into the wrong family.

There is even 
a time or two 
later on,
when she  
feels alone,
as if the family
she has created
is the wrong family.

Then comes the time,
looking back,
when she knows,
without a doubt:
both times,
it was the 


  1. I think we all feel somehow 'out of place' at some point in our lives, maybe it's because we really are! And, then those we love quell the unrest in us enough to quiet the wondering. Lovely!

  2. Yes, we do gain a greater perspective as we age and have our own children... and I really like the shape of this, Sherry.

  3. Gosh, Sherry, this is such an honest observation, and I found myself nodding in agreement at the feeling of being a misfit. You remind that sometimes only the perspective of old age will reveal the truth of our lives.

  4. Sherry, you definitely have put life in perspective here! In the end, as one looks back, everything that happened was just right.

  5. Are you sure we didn't go to the same school? Or did all of us feel "I must have been adopted" at some time or another? I have to laugh because, in my 30s and 40s, I could walk past a store window and think "What's my mother doing there?" when I saw my own reflection. Now I see my grandmother in my mirror. Nope, not adopted at all.
    Perspective, upon reflection, mirrors truth.

  6. Ah... with age comes wisdom and acceptance. :)

  7. Awww, I hope you're in that last time! Nice one.

  8. And the craziest thing is, each one is true. It's all in the perspective life brings us over time. Great take on the prompt, Sherry.

  9. Yep.....crazy as I get older my perspective about the things my parents did has totally changed. Oh hell, it is hard to be human and that family is the reason we are who we are today...In your case I'm grateful and in my case I am grateful. Great thoughts.

  10. I've SO felt this, you are right on in your ending and I enjoy how you gave the lines a little curving creative arc at the end! :)

  11. I was trying to explain just this to a friend the other day... especially the 'perfect' part in the final stanza of this insightful poem - thank you, Sherry, for simplifying it for me

  12. Excellent, Sherry. This is so very true.


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