Thursday, March 29, 2012

Music of the Spheres

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Kids, the prompt at Poets United's Thursday Think Tank today is Music. It reminded me of an intriguing and rather different kind of music I read about some years ago. It fascinates me. In the Vancouver Sun newspaper on September 11, 1999, I read that Japanese researchers had been studying a mysterious hum emitted by Planet Earth, as its geologic and atmospheric events combine to produce a symphony. I let my mind play with that for a bit.

Above ground,
a cacophony of sound:
roar of ocean, mighty wavetops flinging,
thrum of a million songbirds winging,
crickets under raindrops' patter, pinging,
above ground, the song of life,
Earth's creatures, singing.

From deep within
the heart of Mother Earth,
unheard by human ear,
yet sensed within its 
surrounding atmosphere,
its thrum so deep,
as present as 
our heartbeats in our sleep,
background to its creatures' chorus
up above,
a steady pulse, like a mother's,
that we attune to:
our planet,
singing us
its Song of Love.

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  1. Oh Sherry,
    The idea of such love is so incredible. We only think of destruction when we think of Mother Earth nowdays. We often fail to remember, everything comes from our eco-system - the sun, the earth, the moon (and everyday I thank God for the blessings of life)

  2. a steady pulse, the planet, just like the living beings on it

  3. I have often thought how much nature is like a symphony. You have captured it beautifully!

  4. The planet is alive, only on that we know of that holds billions of species on it alive too. I'm sure it has a heart beat :)
    Beautiful thoughts Sherry. You and I think so alike on many subjects :)

  5. It's lovely Sherry. Cacophony is one of my fave words.

  6. This is lovely! I'm loving the music of the birds early in the morning these days. It ALMOST makes having to wake up early worth it!

  7. you end this so well, pulling it all together with warmth.

  8. I love how much I can hear your poem!
    I thought about nature, but when on a different path!
    Yours is beautiful~ :D


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