Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eagle Feather

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Poets United's Think Tank topic today, 
as imagined by Ella, of Ella's Edge, is feathers. 
That reminded me of my feather story.

Walking with two friends
along the road
out at the beach,
I explained to them
how much I wanted 
an eagle feather.

"But you can't just 
get an eagle feather,"
I was explaining.
"It is given to you,
when you are worthy."

At that very moment, 
we saw something
lying directly in front of me
on the road.

An eagle feather.

"I think that's for me,"
I said, picking it up.
"I think it is, too,"
they said, in awe.

Some months later,
I heard my puppy crunching
something, behind me.
"How cute, he's eating his pig ear,"
I smiled.
I turned to discover
he had eaten most of
my eagle feather.

I could only laugh.
The universe gives,
and the universe takes away,
even if we're worthy.


  1. I loved your story and the awe of it all! What an unique, special moment captured in time~

    Maybe your puppy thought he was worthy! ;D

    I am so glad you shared this, pure magic!

  2. Oh isn't that the truth! thanks.

  3. I love this story, Sherry. And yes, the universe does give and take!

  4. A nice story, with a not so happy ending, glad you have a sense of humour.

  5. Sherry,

    I loved your poem....The respect given to things of the earth. Given as a surprise and taken when we least expect, as with life itself..

    I have been on holiday to the Pacific Coast in California.Thought of you when flying over Canada at 36,000ft!!!!
    Home now to cold and grey England.
    Trying to return to writing as well.
    Hope all is good with you Sherry.
    Happy St Patrick's Day,
    Eileen :)

  6. Isn't it nice when we realize how trivial some things are. Laughter is more important.

  7. I LOVE this story, in all its nuances...


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