Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bad Boy

Bad little Blakey was blissfully enjoying
the most comfy spot in the house

upside down on the fleecy covered leather couch

when it must have occurred to him that he isnt allowed to be up there.

Much flailing and floundering as he tried to right himself.
I was so hoping the ottoman would move, but it didnt.
He found his legs, looking a tiny bit sheepish.
But not much.

I sent the photos to his Mom - saying it's nice Someone
is enjoying the fruits of her twelve-hour workdays!

He so reminds me of Pup! I have a similar photo of a young Pup blissfully upside down 
on my brand new couch, legs all sticking up.


  1. If only we could all have the life of Blakey! He looks so comfy! And adorable! Love this post Sherry!

  2. Dogs definitely find ways of making themselves comfortable! Blakey looks like he is in heaven.

  3. Absolutely adorable, Sherry!
    Having a wonderful time, wish you were here. :)

  4. haha... now that kind of bad boy.. I can smile at :)


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