Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Himalayas

[image from google]

Towering peaks
glaciers melting
snow leopard and mountain goat
tumbling together 
down the rocky slope,
plunging at chase's end
into the river

paper wind horses
winged carriers
of prayers and blessings
to earth
from the top of the world

Himalayas -
beautiful mystical 
of the gods

I long for you


  1. We must be suffering mid-winter wander-lust...I just wrote about Mount Kilimanjaro. On my fantasy bucket-list I want to climb it;))
    The Himalayas really do sound mystical in your vivid word choices!

  2. Yes, indeed, it would be beautiful to be able to travel there.....sigh.

  3. Something to dream of and hold onto, stranger things have happened. :)

  4. I too have longed to experience the Himalayas - love the playfulness of your first stanza, Sherry

  5. Himalayas reminds me of the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Sharma writes of the Sages of the Himalayas who dwell in those mountains. Serene. A place where your mind is cleared.

    Wonderful description, Koko.

  6. This is certainly one of your best! I love it! Mystery, mystical, magic!

  7. Dear Sherry,
    You never cease to amaze as your heart, mind and imagination lead you on travels throughout the world.
    I've never before given a moment's thought to the possibility of experiencing the Himalayas... until now. Thank you for that.


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