Friday, March 16, 2012

Be Still

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"The quieter you become,
the more you can hear."
Ram Dass

Grow still
and listen
from the center 
of your being.

What do you hear?

Rain gently blessing the earth,
      your own breath......
the sound of peace.

Bathe your spirit
in it.
Wrap it around you
like a cloak.

Wear it all day.


  1. Beautiful, Sherry.
    Haven't thought of Ram Dass recently. Good quote.
    PS, maybe you meant "breath" or "breathing" rather than "breathe"?

  2. So, true Sherry.
    In the stillness, we find God.
    Lovely, lovely write!
    I giggled at your comment to me, everything I post you say it's your most fav of all....hahaha

  3. A lovely reminder I needed today, Sherry, as I dart about doing several things at once!

    Off to be still for a while and listen to what the day wants to tell me...:)

  4. What a beautiful reminder of how to live.


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