Saturday, March 17, 2012


Kids, I am not a big fan of movie stars, but I applaud George Clooney for not only going to the Sudan to see what life is like on the ground for its people, but using his platform to take a stand in the recent protest in Washington outside the Sudanese embassy, about the Sudanese humanitarian crisis. He was arrested, with others, to make the strong statement that intervention and humanitarian aid needs to happen NOW. He spoke of the Sudanese government's blocking of food and aid deliveries, famine, the bombing that is aimed at insurgents, but is also killing civilians. He spoke of child soldiers, the raping and killing that is happening now, the starvation.

In looking on google for a photo to accompany this poem, I saw some pictures that stunned me and broke my heart all over again.  I didnt post one here as it is too heavy, unless a person is strong enough to withstand it. But this happy eyed little boy? He is a child soldier. Still able to smile, so he must not have been one for long.........dear God in Heaven. What species are we?

Starvation and famine,
while aid is blocked and governments politicize,
bombs falling on the innocent,
human skeletons
crawling across the desert,
child soldiers,
unspeakable acts
against all of

God of the All That Is,
I beseech you,
change, transform 
the hearts
of humankind.

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  1. While other species ony kill to survive(for food) we kill for power, lust, grudges and some other nonsense.. And we are the only one that spent time, money and other resources to kill one of our own ..
    I believe we spend a lot of money doing research and making weapons to kill ... If only we spend the money to save others instead of killing others..


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