Monday, March 26, 2012

Song of the Frogs

Port Albion at sunset


Song of the frogs
in the fading light
soft fade the hills
in the falling night
God touching earth
with a gentle might
and all is beauty
within my sight

Soft falls the light
on garden walls
a rose-hued mountain
as night's curtain falls
a froggy symphony
serenades the night sky
and grateful, grateful,



Graceful heron
swooping across
the evening sky
like a pteradactyl,
Prehistoric bird
on a treetop,
my heart swoops
with you,
then stills,
standing beside
the silent pond,
waiting for the night
to settle
around us both
as softly
as feathers.

Kids, it is Open Link Monday at Real Toads. Last night as I went to close the door on the falling dark, I heard my first froggy chorus of the springtime, out at our small pond.

It reminded me of when I lived in Port Albion, one summer, an outlying area near Ucluelet. I lived on this somewhat bigger pond, shown above, and every evening, everything turned a lovely shade of rose, and the frogs and herons all celebrated.

Some of you have read these before. But after last night's frog song, I just had to post them again. How my heart welcomes spring!


  1. The scene you have presented both in the photo and your words is glorious.

  2. Two beautiful poems. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks that herons look very pterodactyl-like!

  3. I love them both, Sherry, but especially the second (totally besotted with heron I am)

  4. Beautiful, Sherry. I always appreciate your poetry on the natural world you have such an appreciation of. I think it is a little too early for frogs here yet, but I do LOVE the chorus when I am in an area that has them.

  5. I like the froggy symphony and the graceful heron...You always capture the nature scenes very well ~

  6. the natural sense of oneness here is magical, and it rings true with my spirit.

  7. Gorgeous. Especially love:
    "God touching earth
    with a gentle might
    and all is beauty
    within my sight"

    and that froggy symphony.


  8. Sherry I heard the frogs for the first time last night, too. I saw one of our tiny green ones on the japanese maple last week, but last night was the first singing in the trees. It's a gorgeous music, and I'm glad you shared it in your poem.

  9. I love the Frog symphony! It means spring is on its way! I love the charm and the magic of your vision~!
    I too think Herons look prehistoric :D

  10. Frog symphony....both poems are beautiful...the image is so lovely.....
    Thank you for sharing them Sherry...

  11. You have captured the awe. I was riding my horse and a Great Blue Heron flew up out of the watery grass next to us and flew up and up and spread out and flapped his wings up into glided to a tree across the pond. It was amazing!

  12. Such a beautiful image and words...I hear the frog chorus each night and the herons visit behind my home regularly.

  13. Love a frog chorus, love herons! You wrote so well about them both, I could really enjoy it with all my senses...very well crafted!

  14. The poem about the frog chorus brought back rainy memories of home, as a small child, and my father quelling in my tiny heart the fear of the unknown.

    That heart, now grown, also swooped and stilled with your heron, its feathers echoed in the settling night.

    Purely naturalistic poems are so rare nowadays, that these two are a breath of fresh air.

  15. Thank you for reposting or I would never have read these two lovely odes to nature! We don't really have a winter here in SE Australia but I can imagine the feeling of the arrival being like school coming out on the last day before holidays start!

  16. Of course I was referring to the arrival of spring after the confinement of winter!

  17. The song of the frogs is one of the things I look forward to in early spring. Both your poems are lovely!

  18. I'm so thrilled to get the chance to read these two lovely poems again. The first is such a favourite: I love every line, and your timing is perfect right up to the final lines.

  19. my heart swoops with you. it really does.

  20. Both poems are lovely with a soothing and gentle rhyming scheme. Beautiful imagery and photo. I spend lots of time by ponds in the Spring, it's peaceful :)

  21. I love hearing the first of the spring peepers! I feel the same as you do about the first signs of spring.

  22. What a prayer like poem to nature. Very soothing and as beautiful as the photo.

  23. Two beauties, Sherry, exquisitely done.

  24. they're both beautiful, well done


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