Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Certain Slant of Light

Sometimes, around late afternoon, there is a certain 
richly burnished golden tinge to the color of the sun,
which caramelizes every tree and shrub
and lawn and rooftop
that it touches.

The snow atop Mount Arrowsmith
then turns a rich rosy pink,
and pink-tinged wisps of clouds
trail above the hills across the canal,
like candy cotton spun fine
between a child's sticky hands,
and draped over the low hills'
rounded shoulders.

When I happen to be at the pond
at just the right time -
and one can never anticipate the exact moment
these confluences will occur -
I catch my breath in wonder
at the bull-rushes and tall golden grasses,
made resplendent
by this certain slant of light,
as it leaps from frond to frond,
then softly fades,
as quickly as the heron
spreads wide her wings
and lifts herself off
and away,
into the falling dark.


  1. Beautiful write, Sherry. I love light like that.
    Is this Jasmine? Beautiful golden light there, too.

  2. Light and its slant can make all the difference in the world! Fine write.

  3. Awww that's so lovely and I LOVE the ray of light on your dog it just seals it for me. Beautiful :)

  4. Just beautiful Sherry. Made me want to be there and experience just that. Heaven on Earth. Best wishes. Jeff.


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