Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wild Woman: Plugged

Hi Kids! I am now Hooked Up - but I had to change my email address, and am in the throes of trying to figure out how to do that without removing my access to this site - that would be a total bummer! Bear with me kids. I also cant extract my emails sent to my former email address, so anyone who has emailed me since Tuesday morning, I am sad to say I likely cant access them. Please do email me again at - ahem! -

Still some moving and setting up to do tomorrow, but it is falling into place so wonderfully. Lori and I and all the dogs are pretty happy! Warren, Lori's fella, arrives soon and after a sumptuous repast will be directed, with screwdriver in hand,  to the four sets of bookshelves needing assembly, plus a cube shelf unit for my office Stuff. (Sometimes, well ALL the time, it's great to be a Girl. When one is an Elderly Girl, the workload drops off significantly, hee hee.)

Now I must figure out what to do about this email situation. Will keep you posted!


  1. I am so happy for you Sherry. I hope all falls into place smoothly.


  2. Odd that you had to change your email address. When I have moved from one place to another, I have kept the same address. I notice you still have the same provider. I know you would NOT have to change your email address. I would phone that provider and have them talk you through the situation. If I were there, I know I could figure it out. Or find a 16-year-old kid! LOL.


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