Friday, June 10, 2011

My Followers have disappeared!

Hey kids,
For a couple of days now, your icons have disappeared from my site and so has the Follow widget, for some mysterious reason known only  to Blogger (and they're not talking!) I have requested help and am waiting to hear what to do. Meanwhile, thanks for hanging in. These glitches make me nervous. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.


  1. It's been a total worry since blogger had it's recent meltdown. I've read of several people losing their followers, and of comments simply disappearing into cyberspace. I can only leave messages if I unclick the "Stay signed in" button in Google, and then have to do it a couple of times!

    Surely, they will have it fixed soon...:)

  2. Sherry, this is definitely irritating. I see your posts in my "Google Reader," so I am still "following" you despite the disappearance. I hate these glitches.

  3. And mine have disappeared too.

  4. Sherry, I now see your followers.

  5. Happened to me too! And, it has also happened before! Its a glitch that they usually resolve within a day...but it is definitely annoying!

  6. It didn't happen to me. Sorry to have disappeared (literally). I haven't been getting the time to write poems and check out blogger because i'm on a hectic holiday in my hometown- Chennai.


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