Friday, June 24, 2011

The Wild Woman on Love

[Hallmark's Maxine created by John Wagner]

Wild Woman
spent the first
half of her life
her prince
would come.

She spent the second
half of her life
her disappointment
over who
showed up

Wild Woman,
in theory,
still believes
in love.

She has read about it,
watched movies,
has happily paired

The question is:
is it foolish
to believe
it is
still possible?
If he
showed up now,
he'd be
just in time
to buy her
a new set of teeth.

Is it tender
or traumatic
to picture
glasses full of
on both sides
of the bed?

Is love
big enough
to weather
facial hair
on the
wrong gender?
Does she
really need
someone to
help her
get her coat on
right-side up,
and remember the
name and plot
of last night's movie?

Can hearts
and walkers
without calamity?
Not to
and the attendant
of serious injury.

Is that a gleam
she sometimes sees
in old men's eyes
      as she passes........
or cataracts?

Does she
for a
two for the price
of one
for one hundred solid years
of Believing in Love?
What is the
Return policy,
if it is
a big mistake?

Isn't it
a hoot
the cars
she used to
go out
on dates in
are now antiques,
and she's still
thinking about
Mr. Right?

Is it best
to accept
that watching a
love story
on her big screen tv
is actually
far more restful
and enjoyable
than actually
living one?
Wild Woman is
too tired
for angst.

Wild Woman
took so long
to figure herself out,
she has long
since passed
her Best Before date.


"Too soon old,
too late smart."


  1. Some serious questions here for all of us in some way or another. We might not hold answers for them but we should ask them. It is the first step to our renewal, I guess. And that last quote *tempted to get a notebook to scribble over*, sums up and is witty.

  2. The world could do with more gentlemen...right?

  3. Sherry,
    You have asked so many questions, asserted so many positions. I have wondered the same, although not for myself. I must tell you, however, my late father-in-law fell in love a second time and married at nearly 80. He passed away at 93, and his last years were some of his happiest. Ya never know.

  4. You write with a deep feelings and a bravery I struggle to muster...Bravo!. I love this poem and it hits the nail on the head of all the wondering and questioning. Thanks for writing honestly, Sherry, because it gives me strength too. We are still princesses, are we not?

  5. Sherry, one of my best friends got married just over a year ago at age 67. She married a man who was 79. They are some of the happiest people I know. And that happiness spills out onto everyone nearby. Yes, it's still possible. Yet, I too wonder if perhaps this Wild Woman hasn't become too selfish to share on that level.

    Wonderful piece of writing, witty and profound,


  6. This is poignant ... amusing ... sad ... true (for all) witty ... just an all round good write.

  7. I really enjoyed this poem. As time passes, we end up with more questions. Nice write!

  8. This was just, humour pathos, melancholy and a sparkling wit...all rolled into a perfect gift!

  9. Ha ha ha, Sherry. You really gave me a laugh this afternoon. I needed that. I would say 'never say never.' Someone near and dear to me always said that....and she WAS right!

  10. Wonderful and witty writing, if you can ask yourself the question then its not to late...

  11. You are hilarious fun, Sherry! I loved this poem and your last sentence is a line my grandmother said often in her old age!Only disagree on one point. There is no Best Before date on a Wild Woman!!

  12. loved the cars/antiques reference, such a poignant image, one full of learning and clarity. The poem reads so fluently all through. Don't know why that image stuck in my mind so much...

  13. Oh, my. This made tears run down my face as I read and laughed. It made me sad and thoughtful when I recognized myself in the aging wild woman. My answer to the question is NEVER to late for love. I think about my life and what it would have been if I hadn't divorced my first husband. I would probably have thought THAT was love and I wanted none of it. I know what love is now and it just gets better. :)

  14. I think our life's journey is a pursuit of happiness and personal contentment. I do not think that everyone finds that in love or relationships. Sounds to me like you are in a very good place.

  15. NOT too late smart ~ and no need for angst! love at our age can be a wonderful experience, Sherry! {though i think i may be older than you} it can happen when you least expect it.

    happy happy happy new year!

  16. It might be too late.

    If one so chooses.

    I have to join the above praise, this entertained while being quite human and real.

  17. I don't know Sherry, I don't think it is ever too late for love... there is no expiration date on that! Happy New Year friend!

  18. Sherry, so many questions, love your humor :-) but my heart aches a little too, I like to think there's no expiration date on love--certainly lots of love from all your fellow poets <3

  19. That's a gleam in the old men's eyes. They never lose it. The cataracts just get added to it.

  20. It comes when it comes and never too late. I love the fun and wit of this poem.

  21. Excellent and thoughtful musings here. And perfectly handled.

  22. It is a funny poem despite describing the disappointment of not finding 'love'. It is never too late, that's what i think. Mr Right will come just when you don't expect him to. Or maybe you'll get him in your next life.

  23. you know i have little doubts at what love is possible of...and so i dont think any hurdle could come in the way of love if it wanted....our doubts at love are all too real though you know....smiles.

  24. Oh...I see you are suffering from an early bout of spring fever. Good luck in your quest for Mr Right. Hate to be negative but just remember there are certain people who are immensely attractive to Mr Wrong .

  25. Well I was smiling & imagining the scenarios Sherry ~ I think its possible & everyone deserves love & care, at whatever age ~ Wishing you Happy Sunday ~


  26. I enjoyed visiting this poem again, Sherry!! Made me smile once again. But - It is only too late if you believe it is.

  27. ...this is absolutely funny, Sherry... the way the telling is.... but, oh, it has a serious concern that is in arrears for quite too long... unfortunately, looking at my age & virgin moustache i'd say i'm not qualified yet to give you a decent response... anyhow, thanks for an enjoyable read... smiles...

  28. Oh bless, buy some tweezers, push up bra and matching pants, add a splash of mascara, whip out the lipstick and go and have some fun! Love this write.

  29. I believe it's never a wrong time for love... it's always the right time for love I should say :)

  30. Oh, Sherry, it's never too late for love! This poem made me smile. You've written it with such wit and acceptance about loss and aging gracefully. I loved this! :)

  31. I enjoyed the brave way Wild Woman looks at herself and the mention of the gleam and the cataract made me laugh.
    I'd say that if Wild Woman has figured herself out, she is more than ready than at any other time for Mr Right.

  32. I have to agree with Libby with a smile...the gleam is always there... :)

  33. Sherry, this was honest and yet you presented such deep questions in a light-hearted way. I think most settle for Mr. Okay...

  34. Sherry I love this. I love its realism. When old, change becomes very difficult, yet love in my opinion always possesses the willingness to change. Hugs!

  35. This is just pure awesomeness! I love Maxine, and this poem was rocking me out of the chair.

  36. haha you old fart, I can see you plucking your chin in a magnifying mirror...(lit of course with 200watt bulb) I suppose when love exists now its bare bones...what you see is what I have. What you don't is what I have to give...pure and undillluted. I think I'm wildly falling in love :-) eh!
    Have a beautiful day.

  37. There are some serious questions laced in this witty piece--I think whenever we figure out stuff--that is the best by date--smiles to you Sherry!

  38. This was full of thoughts to ponder..I believe one
    is never too old for knows no boundaries.
    It is just waiting to be discovered.

  39. This must be one of the most thoughtful and beautiful pieces on existence I'll read in a few years. It's speaks volumes to me. I myself wasted the first half of my life waiting for prince charming, now I'm trying not to get consumed by the disappointment in discovering he won't come.

    You are a beautiful woman, Sherry, and a gifted poet. <3

    1. Hee hee, we sisters recognize the territory traveled, do we not?

  40. ok, this had me laughing, Sherry. again proof that youth is wasted on the young ~

    1. My dad said that all the time. He was so right. Hee hee. I have to laugh, too, Michael. No other alternative to this sorry tale:)

  41. Wow! So many comments! Some of your poem made me laugh, and I wanted to say to WIld WOman to ask herself the same questions--I'm sure she envisions a YOUNGER lover, not an old one! But half of your poem is like "the golden years are not golden" and half is "I'm still waiting." I'd say you've got to start dating!

    1. Nope. Not gonna happen. Hee hee. This was all for the chuckles, kiddo.

  42. Sherry,

    Love this so much. What a well crafted piece of writing!!! However, I do believe it might not be too late for 'Prince Charming.' The question might be one of wondering, if God has yet created him:)
    Happy Dreams Sherry,

  43. I used to tell my Mother, when she'd say I was still young enough to find a good man, that if Mr. Right came along, I'd miss him because I wasn't looking. Never told her that I would occasionally take a glance. She'd laugh out loud to know I still do that periodically. Love this second read through a delightful piece of writing that so mirrors my own experience. Thanks Sherry,


  44. I like to think it's never too late. Still, my grandmother always used to say -"Better alone than in bad company." And I imagine you're excellent company to yourself. Love the poem, so funny.

  45. it's never too late, dear! i was 59 before i found myself in a healthy relationship and it just keeps getting better! all the decrepitudes we share are the source of much laughter ~ otherwise we'd just have to cry. never stop hoping but don't stop living in the meantime... it may just catch you unawares. (that's what happened to me.) {smile} *hugs*

  46. What a set of Q to answer............ Really it gives a lot of thinking......... I am one of the person who believes in Love..... and Feel Life is only Love............

  47. Beautiful write with so much to ponder upon...Thank you for sharing . :)


  48. Sherry

    What a delight this poem is.. I got those flutter of happiness inside upon reading some lines.. You really are one humorous poet..

    It's always wonderful visiting you over and over. Thanks for the smiles. God bless.

  49. Sherry

    what a delight it was a to read this poem.. I really felt those flutters of happiness in my heart while reading some of the lines.. You are one pleasant poet, and it is always wonderful to visit you over and over.

    Thanks for thee smiles. God bless you.

  50. a funny and witty write. (and some great comments too). great to poke fun at yourself sometimes, eh? :)

  51. Captivating in every verse.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  52. Witty! Never late - my answer...and to know oneself better earlier...Much Love, Sherry!

  53. Hot a whole new meaning to hot doesn't it? My Best!


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