Monday, June 27, 2011


["The earth rests in outstretched hands"

I read
the other day
what it is
to do
whatever one can,
to try to ease
the pain
of the suffering.

That it isn't
about pity.
It isn't even
- or only -
about compassion.

It's about

That really resonated with me, given the inequities and degrees of suffering all over this planet.

Justice. That word also brings a smile, as it reminds me of the time my grandkids were having supper at my place when the youngest was around seven years old. I was proudly wearing my Amnesty International t-shirt, which said "A Cry for Justice" on the front.

I noticed him looking at me wonderingly for a few minutes, then he asked me, "Grandma,
what does that mean: a cry for "Just ice"?

I cracked up - there is a long history of alcoholism in my family, and I could just see them in a line going back through all the years, holding up their empty glasses, rattling the ice cubes expectantly.

I told the people at Amnesty International that story and they said it made their day:)


  1. Children can be such a delight, the spice of all there is.

  2. Out of the mouths of babes. My mini-monster has come out with many over the last 10 years. I call them her 'Chloe Gems'
    Thanks for sharing and thank you also for the lovely comment today.

  3. Mine too...LOVE this Sherry:-)

  4. Just finished writing my journal page, a great deal about how most of us want justice. Then come here to read this. Wonderful synchronicity. Realized that Justice, might be better written "Just Us." Each time we reach out to others who are hurting, we are really saying it's "Just us."



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