Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wild Woman Needs a Nap!

[image from google: public domain]

Wild Woman
as tired
as an
old brittle leaf
hanging desperately
the last twig
of winter.

she will
let go,
drift down
onto a
nice, soft
leafy bed
and take
a prodigious

The daily posting from the Power Path School of Shamanism, in my inbox this morning, reads:

"Summer solstice is Tuesday, June 21 at 11:16 AM Mountain Daylight Time. A good time to vision what you wish for yourself in the future. By this time your patterns should be sufficiently shaken up to allow for some clarity in a new direction or at least in a realignment of how you are currently playing out your life. Do some intention work, visioning, sharing, celebrating, practicing gratitude, working with the sun and the earth, and having some fun. Enjoy the chaos and the creativity and the innovation and the inspiration and the resilience of the collective and your personal part in the experience of life on this planet. If you feel altered and unsettled, get used to it. Have fun anyway!"

Well, all righty, then! I will "get used to it" and even have some fun. I expect there will be a lot of cackling next week as this turtle moves her shell across the street. I have purged a ton of Stuff, but that still leaves hundreds and hundreds of books to be re-housed. I cannot purge books!

In my re-visioning, I must purge Struggle, for I have had enough of that. A new era dawns: writing, resting, and Being, in love with the natural world. Sounds good to me!

You can check out the School of Shamanism at http://www.thepowerpath.com/


  1. Yes,purge struggle. Koko needs some rest. :)

  2. Very nice - I really enjoyed this a lot. :)


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