Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wild Woman's New Front Door

Cute, hey? The word on my Peace Rock is pretty faint - it needs a new coat of paint, and that's on the to do list, but I am pretty stoked at how cute this all is. This morning I was remembering my Grandma's sweet peas, so aromatic, especially of a summer evening, so I stopped by Colyn's nursery and picked up some starter plants and thunked them in with the clematis, hoping they'll take hold and cohabit pleasantly.

The clematis survived its traumatic move across the road far better than did the three people it took to heave it over. It is much happier in that spot, where it gets the morning sun and lots of attention. The rose bush off to the side reached out a claw and poked me on my way out of the nursery, so she came home too. She needs her own spot, but for now will sit there in her pot.

I plan to plant some tubs and pots once I get settled in. I love having growing things on my porches. And when I have time, there is a lot of weeding and trimming that can be done around Lori's yard. A bit at a time.

I can feel how ready I am for a change. It will be nice living in a house again, after a couple of decades in trailers. I have loved my trailers, but they both needed a ton of work and upkeep. The suite will be easier by far. And cheaper.Yay!

The hummers are going crazy just now, on my front porch and my sister's side porch. The blossoms on the bushes have fallen off, and the hummers are desperate for sweetness. I will maintain their feeder here after I move, as they are used to it. And I bought a new  spiffy glass feeder for across the street - will hang that this afternoon for the little critters.

Monday my sister and I are going to Costco in Nanaimo - highly exciting! - to pick up a few things. Ms. Jasmine is getting a new dog bed. Like this one:

Is that a dog bed, or what? Maybe I can convince her it's a couch, so she'll stop trying to sneak up on mine. It will take up a lot of space in my one big  room. But she loves her bed, and she may as well have a really good one.

I have on my mind that my iris beds have disappeared under a ton of weeds and strangling vines, and that I need to rescue them. I am going to maintain them here till fall, and then plant them over somewhere by the pond.  So I need to get out there - tonight and tomorrow - and uncover them. I see a couple of purple heads poking up thru the tangles, saying: "Help me!"

Help is on the way!


  1. Sherry, I hope you are content in your new surroundings. Good vibes sent your way.


  2. A lovely welcoming entrance Sherry...sending you and Jasmine love and light (she looks so comfy!)

  3. It is a beautiful front porch and I'm sure you will enjoy taking in an evening sitting there. How wonderful will that be and I'm sure Jasmine will settle in nicely.

  4. The fact that you are planting flowers, shows me you are still growing, Sherry.
    I wish you all the joy in your new home.

  5. When your flowers start talking to you, it's time to get out of the sun and take a break!

  6. I love your welcoming new entrance,'s definitely you! Looking forward to pictures of your new bookshelves, too...:)

  7. Sherry, I enjoyed the photos of your flowers / your entrance. Enjoy your travels to Nanaimo! I had purchased Nanaimo bars a few times, and D even used to make them!! They are something we do NOT have here.


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