Monday, June 13, 2011

Feisty Girl

Well Baby Chloe has been and gone, rather like a tornado. She is one feisty little gal, and needs to be, with two older brothers. We just sat and enjoyed watching the dogs play, for our entertainment. Sanchez and Chloe go rounds together. And the baby more than holds her own.

She is the cutest little thing ever - just adorable.
As is my daughter!

Jasmine was enchanted, as she had never seen a dog in such a small body. She kept reaching out with her big paw to touch her, to see if she was real. But when she wanted to cavort and leap about with Chloe, I had to stop her - it was too much like watching a mouse dance with an elephant :)

Steph of course is madly in love, and this is one doted-on little puppy.

This was Chloe before bedtime last night after a lot of exhausting playtime.

What a face!!!!!! Too cute!

Off to dreamland.

Photos by Lori Kerr


  1. ...ah, i can't resist myself from stopping by so i am here just to say: ..aww.. lovely dog.. i wish i could take her home too... lol..(but i'm serious...)..!:)

    good day.


  2. Thanks so much for sharing this post! Your daughter is beautiful and the new puppy is adorable. I can just feel it's warm softness. And it's sweet little breath.

  3. Oh, I want her! Bautiful little pup!


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