Friday, July 1, 2011


Hi Kids,

Today I am unpacking books, which means by this afternoon I should have some Floor to walk on.

Jasmine has not stopped grinning since we moved. She LOVES it here, and so do I.

The only problem is that switching from having my own internet account to networking computers over here, and having to change the email address, has screwed up my email program and I am still unable to receive or send emails. One or two have gotten through but my system wont let me respond, keeps bouncing them back to me. So please bear with me. I will use a hotmail address and email you when I get time, maybe later today or tonight.

Warren and Lori are in the July 1st parade today, Lori on her horse, Warren as the pooper-scooper in the rear.....hmmmmm....... Hee hee. Anyway, he will try to sort me out this afternoon.

I am hoping I will soon be back in touch, I miss all of you and hate being out of the loop:)

Soon, kids. Everything else is wonderful, and I am thrilled. I was more than ready for this change and my wee place is totally cute!!!!!


  1. So glad you are happy. This is a wondrous time for you, Sherry. Miss you, but thrilled your life is taking this path.

  2. Happy you are settling in; books on the floor sounds heavenly to me! I though would want to read and settle

    I miss your voice; I am happy it is so cute and Jasmine is happy, too.

    I'll be glad when you are back online~xXx

  3. I would have a meltdown without my email. Good luck! And yay for Jasmine!


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