Monday, June 20, 2011

Dark Energy

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My friend, Jeane Manning at has devoted her life to the cause of clean energy. On her site today, I just read about a universal background energy some call dark energy - the life force energy in the atmosphere - that is decreasing, and is now less available as a buffer for the earth.

She cites a friend who is a nuclear physicist, who is in touch with other researchers, as well as some online sources. They link this decrease to emmissions from nuclear power plants which have been affecting the atmosphere.

She writes  "Bottom line is as early as mid-2012, declining dark energy levels will be insufficient to buffer and stabilize the Earth’s magnetic field; and solar output will become erratic by that time, as well.”

Her sources state humanity and other life forms will need protection from solar radiation and charged particles that will be bombarding earth's surface as soon as mid-2012.


The good news, her friend writes, is that "Our future is up to us as a collective consciousness."

The bad news is that "Our future is up to us as a collective consciousness."


  1. Whoah and those last two lines so it all!
    So worth repeating; this is where the real trouble lies~

  2. The power of choosing life or perdition lies with us. As to how much we can bank on that,time will tell.

  3. It all comes down to choices, the easy one or the one that means commitment and hard work. Our record is spotty at best.



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