Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wild Woman Does Battle

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Wild Woman
at a hobble
to do
serious battle
with  the
Iris Bed.

"Oh, woe is I!"
she mutters,
at the shocking sight.

The tangle of weeds
is higher
than  the
fair Iris's head.
Errant fattened
Dangerously Prickly
blackberry vines
and assorted mayhem
Serious Neglect
has long overtaken
the hidden blooms.

And, most frightening
of all,
the Fair Iris
is having the life
choked out of her
by the hideous,
tightly twining
Horrible Ivy,
whose death grip
around Iris's throat
is so tight
Iris can only utter
a faint, desperate
"gleep, gleep",
which Wild Woman
translates as
"Hurry! Hurry!"

Wild Woman hoves to:
At great personal risk,
she steps bravely
into the tangled thorny patch.
She clips,
she mutters,
she heaves.
A satisfying
pile of debris
forms a mountain
of limp expired weeds
and thorny vanquished
behind her.

when she is done,
the Fair Iris
stands proud and tall,
evidence of Persevering
Midst Completely
Untenable Conditions.
She takes her first
deep breaths.
She sways and preens.
She is
Free At Last!
Liberation has
likely never
felt so sweet.

And Wild Woman?
her back
fairly shrieking
in protest,
hobbles away.


  1. That is the great thing about wild women -they can take on those tough battles, even in the garden.

    I should wage a weed war myself.

  2. This was wonderful...literal, yet also symbolic of our lives and the 'weeding' we must do to grow and become stronger. Your poetry is so beautiful; I'm glad I discovered your blog.

  3. i wish to be closer to you so i can help you with those beds!

  4. You go, Wild Woman! "gleep, gleep." Love it.

  5. Wild Woman
    at a hobble
    to do
    serious battle...

    I just love the irony of this image, Sherry and what an indomitable spirit this wild woman has!

  6. Wonderful! Yes, sometimes beauty is felt in the back.

  7. I love this Sherry, especially as I waged a bitter war with weeds myself this week! While I too amassed a sizeable pile of debris, it is clear that the morning glory will win out...both my flowers and my back remain bowed in its wake...LOL.

    I do like the deeper meaning to the poem as well, knowing you've spent the last while pulling out what's not needed in your life, and are ready to stand tall again...:)

  8. Ah ... home, wherever it may be always seems to need tending to. This had me chuckling. I loved it.

  9. This is great, Sherry. One cannot defeat Wild Woman when she is determined. I am sure that the proud Iris appreciate the ally they have found in you!

  10. Were you watching me this morning? :-)
    This is classic 'us' in the garden, isn't it, Sherry? I love it. Made me laugh in recognition and also gratitude and appreciation. We have the iris, the strong yet strained backs, and the will to write about it.

  11. You choose such wonderful words, non-words and all around structure make this an endearing and memorable poem.


    All comments on my blog appear immediately, I do not moderate them. I have a spam filter to take care of robo-comments and it does a marvelous job. No need to moderate comments at all (I hope this answers your question about why your comment appeared so quickly and thank you for visiting)

  12. Sherry, glad to see you found her again, and helped her to stand straight and tall. That Wild Woman gets sidetracked on occasion, but she comes through with a little help from friends. Thanks for being one,


  13. She's beautiful!
    You did a wonderful job, Sherry.

  14. Great as usual Sherry poor weeds had to tangle with you :) and thanks for dropping by

  15. Thanks, kids.......I thought I won the battle of the weeds, but my left leg is now out of commission and my back isnt feeling too friendly either. But Princess Iris holds her head proudly aloft under the sun, and that's a good thing:)

  16. This is adorable I loved imagery and you write beautifully, vividly

  17. Warning! Gardening can do serious damage to your health! LOLOL
    It sounds like you fought a battle out there but, thank goodness the flowers are choke free now. A very clever and fun read, thank you.

  18. :-) Nice one Sherry, I am sure the Iris thanks you even if your back doesn't!

  19. Hilarious, Sherry. My iris beds are always in a state of mortal combat with the weeds, since they alone cannot be mulched. I have both of them on a long list of chores, but now you are guilting me into moving them up to the top. ;_)

  20. Can Wild Woman come help in my yard? I love the "gleep, gleep" of the poor iris! Luckily, W.W. heard it in time!

  21. I absolutely love this, Sherry. You make me realize I need to post something of nature as I haven't for awhile. I did some long awaited weeding yesterday and it is a wonder I made it through the day today but you know what, the Day Lilies are now quite like your Iris..liberated and standing tall. Beautiful!

  22. Such a symbolic use of such a mundane occurence

  23. Sherry,

    Poor Wild Woman. Another new battle, except with nature and an over abundance of weeds!!
    I do understand the frustrations of the garden, especially if the weather has been poor.
    A woman's work is never done......
    Best Wishes, Eileen


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