Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday's Child

"Saturday's child
works hard
for a living."

We were all Saturday's children around here yesterday. My sister Lori, her fella Warren and I did some preparation for my impending move, moving some furniture out of here. We also, later in the day, moved the big barrel full of dirt where my clematis lives. It about did Warren it, getting it across the street, even with a dolly, but he hove to with a will, and suffered the back pain later.

Once we got it in place, after much grunting and a gargantuan group effort, I spent an hour carefully untangling all the tangled vines, pinning them in place on the trellis, talking encouragingly to the plant, and giving it cool drinks of water.

In hindsight, it now occurs to me Warren got none of that tender treatment. Oops! My bad!

Jasmine got trimmed yesterday, also, which was long overdue. She now looks very neat and cute without all that long matted fur.  I know she  feels pretty:) A gal needs a haircut every now and then.

This afternoon my youngest is making a fast visit, with her three dogs. It will be my first time seeing Baby Chloe, the little pug I have been so excited about. Jazz will be enchanted. I dont think she has ever seen a dog so small. Chloe is apparently a feisty girl, which she has to be with an older brother as wired for sound as Sanchez - apparently they wrestle by the hour and wear each other out. This works out well for Chase, who is twelve now, and tired.

I am too. I am looking forward to the move, and to life slowing down on the other side of it. Till then, I feel like Jazz in the photo below: just let me sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!


  1. Ahh ... Jazz, you look so very comfortable. I am right there with you. Splendid ... Sherry soon you shall be home.

  2. Sherry,
    I enjoyed reading about your busy, busy time and the changes to your life. That impending move.
    I'm sure you will have been so happy with all those canine friends around you!!
    Best wishes for all you have to do and roll on those days of relaxation.
    Best Regards, Eileen

    PS: I was away in Scotland during last week and not online very much at all.
    Eileen :)

  3. I so enjoy hearing these details of your life, Sherry. Your attitude toward the move is wonderful. And how lucky you are to have so many loves in your life. How lucky they are to have you.

  4. Sherry, transitions are hard. You seem to be making the best of the situation. Hope that both you and Jasmine have a good adjustment. Enjoy little Chloe!

  5. sending you energy and strength as you make this transition my friend.


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