Friday, June 10, 2011

The Dogs of Heaven

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The dogs of Heaven
are running
my dreams,
all the loved
little creatures
that blessed
my life.
Their paws,
a trail
of footprints
'cross my heart,
their happy eyes
all we shared
till we must part.

At the front
of the pack
runs fast
a big, black wolf,
his eyes
aglow with the joy 
of release
and no more pain.
To see such joy 
within his eyes so plain,
I'd set him free
one hundred times
and yet


  1. I had a good cry the other day for all the dogs of my dreams too... and now you've started me off again. Such fools we are to forget the terrible price we pay for doggy love.

  2. All dogs go to heaven. A wistful, enjoyable write. Vb

  3. Oh, how lovely. Tears are in my eyes as I write this comment. Wolves have a special place in my heart...your poem captures the sweetness of these creatures' souls.

  4. Wonderful tribute Sherry, not just to the wolves and dogs, but also to those of us who keep them close in spirit and in real time. Thank you,


  5. At this very moment ... nothing could make me happier!

  6. Tears immediately filled my eyes, as memories of much-loved dogs went through my head. I can so easily picture Pup leading the pack, with my little Angel scurrying to keep up. How lucky we were to have them with us for even a brief time...

  7. I hope to meet up with all my dogs in heaven someday. Not that many! Corky, Dixie, Bear, Tulip, and Violet. But heaven would lack something if they were not there.


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