Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ghost Shadow

My boy Pup, at the river

You pad
soft and silent
through my dreams.
Your spirit comes
to me,
some mornings,
and you
rest your nose
on the side
of my bed,
and whuff,
as you used to do,
to wake me,
all the mornings
of your life.
Your absence
is a Presence
in my every
waking hour.
Your footsteps
will walk
in my heart.


  1. i have black dog too.. and he really faithful... love him. :)

  2. Candid, Koko. Pup is proud of you and misses you too.

  3. There he is! Is he being mouthy in this picture? Bless him.

  4. I feel your loss and this tribute to him is wonderful. I miss my cat Oliver all the time and can remember him and his chatty ways, always talking to me as though he could never say enough. Nicely done.

  5. my lucychili name is named after a dog.
    and i can relate to your loss
    she was 17 and a wise old soul when she left
    we have two young ones now
    but she casts a long shadow =)
    best wishes

  6. This is so deeply felt Sherry. He really is with you in so many ways,


  7. Oh Sherry!
    I lost one of my pups yesterday ~ 8 year old Bella. Rattlesnake bite. Gone in less than 3 hours. Heart-breaking. You know.

  8. I feel your loss. My rottie was my best friend. "Sometimes there is music
    only grieving ears can hear". Take care Sherry. LOVE YOUR BLOG!


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