Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wild Woman On the Move

Wild Woman
signs on the
dotted line,
and says goodbye
to another
little home.

It has served her well.
It was her refuge,
her sanctuary,
her safe place,
her hermit hideaway.

It was her
where he
was lord
and ruler
of all
he surveyed.

Life is
all about
saying goodbye.
It teaches us
over and over
how to
Let Go.

There isnt
a whole lot
we get
to keep.

Wild Woman
long ago
to Listen
to her inner guidance,
hear what it says,
and then trust it
will take her
where she's
meant to go.

Next week,
Wild Woman
will close
the front door
for the very last time.

She will hobble
across the road
with her
boxes full
of too many books.

She will plant
her Peace Rock
at the foot
of a new
set of stairs.

She will begin
to feather
a much smaller nest.
She is
Going With the Flow.
In life,
there are some
Necessary Losses.
With the right spirit,
they can
be turned
into Gifts.


  1. Good luck, Sherry. Remember, you take the most important thing with you wherever you go - your own spirit.

  2. And Wild Woman will always be wild, that's her nature and there is no changing it. Always, someone will try, but never with any real or lasting effect. Thank goodness,


  3. That old bugaboo attachment...but in this case, you're "just across the road" so you can come back and surprise the new occupant by saying: "Hi, just stopped by to visit my old bathroom."

  4. Wonderful out look on what life hands us. Excellent. Thank you.....


  5. Life is
    all about
    saying goodbye.
    It teaches us
    over and over
    how to
    Let Go

    ...indeed...I wish you well on your journey.


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