Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Earth From Sky II

saw the earth
from the back of
a silver eagle,
looking down
on water
dotted with
blue and green,
tall mountain peaks
like a seer's
 most majestic dream.

From above,
she could see
almost as
far as God,
puffy perfect clouds 
in an infinity of sky,
a limitless horizon
utterly unflawed,
for man to
set his 
fondest aspirations by.

She flew so far
tall coastal mountains
changed to
desert hills,
brown and rounded,
dots of
tumbleweed and sage,
tall sandstone cliffs
lining the arroyo
which have
stood sentinel
for an age,
since a time,
she had
been told,
when this valley
was once
an ancient riverbed,
rushing waters
roaring through here
in bygone days of old.

between the earth and sky,
celestial sphere above,
patient, steadfast, enduring
earth below,
knows herself a
citizen who can
choose to
walk or fly,
denizen of
no place/every place
she has
as well as 
of the
spirit world,
all that remains

In the desert,
she sought the memory
of the young girl
she once had
in this
now so strangely
unfamiliar land
she was
nowhere to
be seen.
That girl  
now  lives
a world away,
and free,
within the
siren call
of the wild and
western sea.

When she
returned to earth,
long would she
the sight of earth
from sky,
distant and flawless
as an
untouched dream,
as if
nothing bad
could mar
a vision
of perfection
so beautiful
that so far
only God
has seen.


  1. Lovely meditation on that realm between earth and sky. A wondrous place indeed.

  2. What a magnificent trip ... what a lovely view from above and the poem is TRUE.

  3. I want to be Traveler... With the exception of the word God, this reads like an ancient North American Indian legend. Lovely.

  4. Dear dear Sherry,

    Oh how I long to be you. Obviously, you are the Traveller of the skies.

    Love always


  5. Sherry, this is lovely. Both the poetry and the photos. You took so much from your weekend journey, and you are giving it back to us here!

  6. Ah, Sherry...you've beautifully captured the sense of wonder and reflection one feels when suspended above the clouds, where possibilities seem as limitless as the sky. Loved the photos and the poem, and am so glad you got to have an adventure!


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