Thursday, May 5, 2011

The World Kindness Movement

Hi Kids,
This is a moving youtube video about the effects of bullying, and the need in our world for kindness, and a shift in consciousness.

My friend Brock Tully, who appears towards the end of the video, with his white hair and moustache, (so cute!),  has devoted his entire life to promoting kindness. He also speaks out in schools to inspire the students to join in anti-bullying programs.

Brock is very special. I have known him since 1980, when I helped out at his coffeehouse in Kelowna. Brock and Friends changed my life, and Brock has been changing lives through all of the years since. He has cycled around the states four times, covering thousands of miles, speaking in the places he travels through about kindness. Each year he hosts a concert in Vancouver for World Kindness. The next one will be November 4th at the Center for Performing Arts.

This year, I intend to be there! The good feelings at these concerts make them magical events.

Enjoy the video! Here's to more kindness in the world. It can use it!


  1. Thank you Sherry, for the message and the need for awareness. If we but travel through each day knowing that we have but one thing to accomplish: kindness for and to another, our world would change dramatically.


  2. Thanks for this, Sherry, a little kindness goes a long way.


  3. Thanks, Sherry. Kindness is a wonderful message to devote one's life to.

    P.S. Check Imaginary Gardens.

  4. Hi Sherry,
    I am a friend of Brock Tully too. do you consider the Prime Minister or the President is the greatest bully of all. Please view this video.


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