Friday, May 6, 2011

Wild Woman Update

[Hallmark's John Wagner is creator of Maxine
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Hi kids, I apologize for being rather absent this week, I am way behind in checking out all of your blogs and didnt even make it to Poetry Pantry this week. Though I still may give it a go this weekend, if life backs off and gives me some free hours. I will catch up, I have missed being up to date on what you are all doing.

I had a heavy work week this week, and also a lot of errands to run concerning the selling of my trailer. It is going to a family friend, and that makes me happy. It would have been hard handing it to a stranger. This way, I can still come sit on the porch:) And Andrew, who is a WAY talented musician, has a young boxer pup I can help look after when he's working. Kasha is going to LOVE this big huge yard.

Turns out I underpriced it and could have received market value for it. But I needed it to sell and priced it low.  I could have sold ten of them, it is such a good deal.

However the money thing is all relative.......the main thing is, it sold (I was afraid it wouldnt). It will remove a financial load from my faltering shoulders,  and I can stop struggling to survive and stay home and write. Quality of life matters more than  money. By far.

You will notice I have changed the moderation of comments on my blog. Someone, I suspect a young teen known to me, spammed my blog so badly that Blogger actually SHUT MY SITE DOWN yesterday, for "unusual activity". This  completely freaked me out. I dont even have hard copies of all the writing I have done this year, something I must immediately begin to rectify. It's on the (very long) To Do list.

So I spent half of yesterday trying to get my site back, deleting spam and trying to find someone at Blogger to tell me what to do. Thankfully, the forum helped. Changing the moderation of comments seems the solution.  I hate restrictions. I like to welcome everyone, and I always trust the good will of people. But when you get young teens with too much time on their hands who get their "fun" from annoying and frustrating others, the only solution is to tighten things up. This blog means too much to me to risk. One person spoils it for the whole community. Sigh.

This weekend, I must continue downsizing and packing, and also get caught up online. I really feel I have fallen behind.

I have some ideas for writing, likely later this weekend, when I get  some of what HAS to be done accomplished and finally get to doing what I want, which is write.

I'll be around to visit you soon and see what you've been up to.


  1. Great advice on spam thing Sherry. Best to you on the move and everything. ..bkm

  2. Sherry, I am glad that you have sold your trailer and will be relieved of a financial burden. Glad you will still be able to come and sit on the porch.

    Sorry about the spamming. A miserable situation. I hope you managed to get everything back.

    Glad you have so many writing goals, Sherry! I know how this can keep a person going.

  3. Oh, my goodness, Sherry...that's awful about your site crashing! No wonder you freaked...I would too!!

    As busy a time as this is for you, the move will refresh your spirit and recharge your writing. And adding a new dog to the extended family is always a treat!

    Try to get some rest on the weekend, in between the busyness. So glad you have a spot for your porch swing in the new all you need is some leisure time to enjoy it...LOL!

  4. Glad you have sold the trailer and upset that you had to deal with the spam crap. But things are looking up. Soon now,


  5. Sherry, so sorry to hear about your Blogspot Cooties. I know of a friend who let everyone in the world on her Facebook site and they knocked her flat on her cyberbutt, so... don't worry, we're your friends and we'll be nicer than that little wanker!!! Amy

  6. Sherry,

    I just wanted to say, have you tried this site (Blogbooker) ?

    I use it to make a regular copy of my blog and download it as a PDF. It saves everything. I lost my blog a couple of times, all my writing, and found this to be a simple and quick way of backing up my blog's contents.


  7. Hope after this weekend you get some rest Sherry. Happy Mother's Day! :-)

  8. I was going to comment, but my cd of 1957 hits started playing The Stroll and now I have to get up and dance!

  9. Sherry,
    I am only catching up with things today.
    I'm sorry to read that someone may have deliberately targeted your Blog site.
    An unnecessary and unforgivible act.
    I hope you have had things repaired and are able to enjoy your means of communicating with your Blog world.
    All the Best, Eileen

  10. Very happy for you! All is falling into place!


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