Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Solstice

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For some time, now,
Traveler has been
watching the days lengthen,
welcoming the
extra light,
morning and evening,
behind her
the difficult winter,
which has birthed
the beginning
of her next journey.

Now comes
the putting away
of the old
the welcoming
of the new.

Now comes
increased ease,
and Possibility.

What gestated
all winter,
in her tears,
now brings
to fruition
all that was
making its
difficult passage.

sets aside
what no longer
serves her.
She prepares
with hope
and relief
for  renewal,
a lightening
of spirit.

She flows
with the emergence
of a new cycle
with trust,
with grace,
and enormous
knowing that
all is
as it
should be,
a time of
letting go,
a time of
stripping down,
a time of
being true
to one's own spirit
and its needs.


  1. She flows with the emergence of a new cycle... and is made whole by the natural process of the seasonal round. I love the poem and the picture.

  2. Beautiful words to describe birth and renewal and how it can give hope! Nicely done, Sherry.

  3. Being true to ones own spirit ---that is so true blossoms anew as we are open our hearts to it...bkm

  4. Traveller is still travelling! The cards are back! I get the theme and you bring it out so well, Koko.

  5. Lovely thoughts, Sherry. "All is as it should be."

  6. Ahh Sherry, are there more of these images? Beautiful and it allowed you to bring back the traveler. My first thought when I saw the image was of a bear den waking from the long sleep of winter. Love what you have done, my friend,


  7. Beautiful image of the traveler. I love the way you compare birth to spring and a long gestation to winter. The traveler seems to be a wonderful mother and we are glad to be her children.

  8. I love the words "with trust, with grace, and enormous gratitude," Sherry. It is an apt description of how you live your life and, through your poetry, share that gentle life with us. As fellow travelers, we thank you for that...:)


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