Tuesday, May 24, 2011


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is packing
her kit bag
with gifts and necessities.
She is readying
her walking stick,
and calculating
how many
to carry along.

She has been
putting off
this trip
for too long:
too busy,
too many crises,
too tired.
But now
it is Time.

The plane
is on
the tarmac.
It is revving
its engines.
The windows
are ready
for cloud-gazing,
and for seeing
mountain ranges
from above,
and little tiny towns
small as a
 children's game.

Her eyes
are lifting up,
from the minutiae
of daily existence
to beyond
the horizon,
where vision
to the infinity
of possibilities
one life
can hold,
if we only
knew it
soon enough.

very soon,
she will be

Notes: I actually am making a quick trip by plane this coming weekend to see my son and daughter-in-law, Jon and Zenny, as well as my aunt and uncle. I havent flown since 1998 and, when I did, was transfixed by the sight of huge mountain ranges below, as beautiful as the Himalayas. I couldnt believe my fellow passengers were reading their newspapers, ho-hum. I could not take my eyes from the window.

So I am looking forward to that trip. But the words hold a double meaning, as my life is currently rearranging itself and creating change, as it seems to do every decade. I have felt the change coming, and have been readying myself for it. Change should bring more ease of spirit, as well as more time to write, and so I mean the flying analogy metaphorically, as well.


  1. Sounds great and bon voyage! All best wishes go with you. Sometimes to fly, we can get above it all, see our problems aren't as big as we thought. Have a wonderful time!!!

  2. Your final stanza is only bolstered by your comments below the poem. I don't care to fly, but once the ascent begins, woe to any passenger sitting between me and the window!

    That last part, indicating change, shows your flexibility. It's also laced with a hint of inevitability... mortality, unwelcome change, all things we must deal with on this mortal plane.

    So you will like what I am giving you in return, I hope... Up and away!! Amy


  3. Here is to beyond the horizon~ I so like you, can't understand being so use to the mountain view to read the paper!

    I hope this journey is wonderful and what your soul needs~ Change does seem to arrive every decade; You wise woman will find a way to see the best view~ xXx

  4. Safe journeying, Sherry. Savor the sights of those beautiful snow-capped mountains below! And enjoy the destination as well!

  5. I've been reading about transformation and winged creatures (butterflies specifically) on several blogs today...I'm so happy that your chrysalis is opening as the next decade welcomes you!

    Have a wonderful journey...take lots of cloud photos from way up high and mountains and fields below.

  6. When you get up there, remember to drop those everyday stresses out that window, that way you'll get off the plane with a much lighter load,


  7. The sight through the window is simply amazing. And those intimidating heights are also symbolic of what we are truly are...eagles soaring up in the skies. Journey mercies, Koko.

  8. As I read this, I was thinking it had as much to do with your upcoming move as with your trip.

  9. it is the world as map
    intangible pattern
    i especially love the clouds
    being among them =)

  10. May your trip be wonderful Sherry.

  11. Dear Sherry,
    I hope you will have a most enjoyable time. You deserve a change of scene and a break with some friends.
    Have a lovely time.
    Very Best wishes, Eileen :)


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