Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Box of Chocolates

They were married
over sixty years,
and she was in her nineties
when she told me,
"I always thought
he was in love
with his secretary."

I protested,
"But your marriage
was so wonderful!"

I didn't want it
to be true,
was fairly certain
it wasn't true.

But she
shook her head,
and continued.
"I looked in
his desk drawer
one Christmas.
It was the 30's
and we had
no money.
And there was
a box of chocolates
in the drawer.
They were for her.
I know he admired her.
She was
calm and professional,
well-dressed and
and at home
I was often angry,
struggling to manage
all those kids
and put food on the table."

They stayed together
to the end.
We looked to them
as a model
of what marriage
could be.
They were both
the very soul
of propriety.

But was he happy?
She made me
that day,
talking about
that box of chocolates.


  1. The details in this poem add to its poignant tone. Wonderful take on this prompt.

  2. A lovely response to the prompt, Sherry.


  3. Wow, Sherry, so bittersweet; It could of been because she found an error that saved his company or something business wise. How said, to wonder....
    Well Done~

  4. Yes, I always figured the sixty-odd year marriage was what to focus on. But sad to think that she always wondered.

  5. Hmmm... something to ponder about with chocolate in my hands. Wonderful writing, Sherry. I enjoyed reading it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Sherry, a lovely piece of writing, but so bittersweet. To wonder all those years and not sad.

    Longevity in a relationship/marriage doesn't always mean a lifetime of happiness.

    Nice take on the prompt.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Sherry, I would say he probably WAS happy.l I would guess many men give chcolates to secretaries that really mean nothing more than appreciation. At least that is what I will choose to believe in this case.

  8. This chocolate is bitter sweet on the tongue, Sherry. How many people are happy, how many merely content, how many just doing right by their partners? We'll never be able to tell from the outside looking in.

  9. This is a very different take of "chocolate. By the end of the poem ... I was still unclear whether or not there had actually been a dalliance. I was grateful for that.

  10. You just never know about those proper people. She was probably never quite sure about his feeling for that secretary. Great slant on the prompt and a very different meaning for a box of chocolates.

  11. Have been remiss in not coming here over the past few days. Just reading and getting lost in the variety of your posts. But this one really made me stop. Reminds me of so many things. One box of chocolates and years of wondering, never resolved. Heartbreaking,


  12. Wow Sherry....I so felt so much reading this.

    I've missed being around! Hope you are well... <3


  13. awwww sad and sweet ...thanks for sharing x


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