Friday, May 20, 2011

The Crazy Dog-Sisters Go to the Movies

Lori and I went to see Bridesmaid tonight - I expected it would be one of those movies that is supposed to be funny but is actually stupid, but I was so wrong. Whoever wrote this screenplay knows women, and the dialogue was hilarious all the way through, as were the various situations the characters got into, non-stop laughs.  The acting was superb. We laughed all the way through and it wasnt polite little titters either, but big belly laughs - and the cackles for which I am famous.

Even funnier than the movie was our exit from the theatre. I have let it be known that I hobble quite often, given the trouble I have with my left leg and my back. I did pretty well going INTO the theatre, but after sitting for two hours in those seats, I notoriously am barely able to hobble out of the theatre at movie's end, on the best of days.

And Lori happened to sprain her ankle this afternoon, and was hobbling even worse than I was. So when she started hobbling up the aisle, with me hobbling earnestly along right behind her, I started cackling at how funny we looked, and couldnt stop. People were looking at us, wondering what the hell, and given I couldnt stop laughing, may have thought we were making fun of people with disabilities - but we actually WERE people with sort of made me think of shopping day for the disabled, when you see people in wheelchairs being taken shopping in groups. I was totally Gone, and it got worse when I heard Lori explaining to the lineup outside: "She walks like that all the time, but I just sprained my ankle today." Yeah, make fun of the demented, cackling old woman, why dont you?

I havent laughed so much or so hard in a long time - two hours plus of hilarity.

I highly recommend the movie. But choose your companion carefully:) Hee hee!


  1. I can picture the scene, Sherry. It is good that your sister and you were able to laugh at it.

    Somehow this reminded me of this: In later life my mother was blind. One time I was escorting her by her arm from the car to a store in a shopping mall. Apparently we were crossing too slowly, as some idiot dared to honk his horn at us as we were making our way. I yelled at the driver: "You too will be old one day!" It really upsets me when people are mean to / laugh at people who are doing the best they can.


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